Arcade Fire Record

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The Uncaged Birds

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It’s early morning after a long Blue Moon night. Moonbeams mix with sun rays in the room where a boy sits alone. The young man decides to not go to bed just yet even though his hosts are in bed holding each other as the boy holds onto his evening’s memories. It was a few hours ago that the wooden floorboards were squeaking with delight as heavy, friendly footsteps filled the yellow-green walls of the one bedroom apartment. It was a few hours ago when the boy was encapsulated by soothing snickers and a gin-scented airspace. It was also a few hours ago when he remembered why he decided to leave the old man behind and greet the newborn baby with these people over anyone else.

He sits quietly and looks around the carcass of the once lively room and is content. He holds his friends very close and is appreciative of what has commenced in the past night. They knew he was feeling sullen since his boyfriend made his heart weep earlier that day. And even though the room consisted of pairs, they all kissed him simultaneously once the countdown reached zero. His smile was as bright as the over-sized Christmas lights that still hung in the living room window. In that exact moment, nothing else mattered: his hurtful paramour, the rude message by his neighbor from last year, or how little money he had in his wallet. The night was perfect, whether spent in the heavenly room or alone in the cold with his cigarette.

As the sun bleeds through the curtains of colorful birds in abstract cages, the glorious echos are slowly dissipating with each grain of time. He starts to concentrate on the tangible noises of the shaking ceiling fan and the uncaged birds singing out to the sun. A familiar song plays with the current sound orchestra. It’s a tune that was popular in 2005 and is reserved for his fond memories of him and his deceased friend. He isn’t sad and instead of a river, a smirk forms. The boy is happy in knowing that he had made him proud tonight. Flashes of his past are now running a marathon in his mind and the smile decorated on the young man’s face doesn’t fade.

The song ends and the fan is still vigorously waving its noisy hands. A new sound appears and the boy realizes it’s his makeshift bed for the next few hours; the lumpy, quilt-covered couch is screaming his name.

Congratulations – Sonia Sotomayor

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AMORAL FIXATION would like to send a congratulatory welcome to Sonia Sotomayor who was sworn in as the United States’ 111th Supreme Court justice today. This is a historic event because Sotomayor will be the Supreme Court’s third woman to attain this honor but the first Hispanic justice in the court’s 220-year history.

As a Hispanic female justice, she will be looked upon with a heavy magnifying glass by the nation and hopefully will represent the needs of the people from all backgrounds.

Once again, congratulations to Associate Justice Sotomayor. Now go out there and make America proud.

Music Review – Horehound

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The Dead Weather’s release, Horehound is the feature of this music review. Although this record is the band’s freshman release, the musicians who make up The Dead Weather are not new to the music scene. The quartet is a a super group consisting of Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Jack White (The White Stripes), Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age), and Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes).

The Dead Weather formed in the first quarter of 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. It is apparent that this band all had a hand in the development of Horehound due to the amalgamation of genres heard on the release. Some tracks are heavy while others are lo-fi garage and near the end, the sound is rooted in blues. It is often hard to remember that it is a single album being heard because of the mash up of sounds and yet, still transitions very nicely. White primarily plays the drums on the record while Mosshart takes control as the front woman of the group. Her sultry, cigarette smoker voice is brought along the tracks adding mystique and sexiness. Fertita and Lawrence do a great job as guitar and bass and contribute further levels of depth.

Horehound, thankfully, is not one of those albums that can be consumed automatically, rather only by truly listening to it a few times can the majesty be appreciated. Though the only slight problem that can be heard is the consistent inconsistency. By having a huge range on genres, it limits the group to really shine in just one. Though it can be argued that an aimless arrow never misses its mark. Despite the sometimes jumpiness, it is not a deal breaker.

dead weather_edit

Songs of Interest:
– “Treat Me Like Your Mother”
–  “New Pony”
– “3 Birds”
– “Rocking Horse”
– “Will There Be Enough Water?”

Artist Fun Fact:
The album was recorded at Third Man Studios (Third Man Records, who is the band’s record label is owned by White) during a three week session in January 2009.

Overall Rating:


Blog Break for Comic-Con 2009

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AMORAL FIXATION will update on a regular basis next week. Currently having the raddest time at the San Diego Comic-Con so I’ll definitely report back on my adventures. Sit tight, my lovely readers!


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Going to have the time of my life with my MEN in a few minutes. I’ll write about this at a later date.

Hold on to Your Friends

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Lately, I’ve been in a funk about my friends. I know that I have made some of them mad recently and others have made me upset as well. I’m not sure how friendship is suppose to work anymore. Sometimes, I think that I don’t have it in me to continue with these relationships, but then I remember that these things take work and understanding. Whenever I get into this mindset, Morrissey’s “Hold on to Your Friends” makes me understand how lucky and fortunate I am. Even if I do lose some friends this year, I’ll know that I tried my hardest, but I’m being out-of-characterly optimistic that it won’t happen.

Favorite lyrics:
There are more than enough
To fight and oppose
Why waste good time
Fighting the people you like
Who will fall defending your name