Politics are Funny

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Dr Tiller





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March 2007
Early Morning

I swallowed my feelings
I swallowed my heart
The conversations we had
Kind of began but never did start
I was worried what you’d say
Or what you would think
And now I miss you everyday
Wasting my pen and the ink
I finally have something to proclaim
But you’re gone and nothing’s the same
And who I am won’t float, just






Music Review – El Radio

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This week’s music selection is Chris Garneau’s sophomore release album El Radio. Chris Garneau, originally from Boston, is a Brooklyn based musician. As an artist, Garneau has proficient skills when composing his mixture of folk and Baroque pop music, which are more prevalent in El Radio.

With his first album, Music for Tourists, the majority of songs were sullen sounding with his heavy piano keys. This time around, Garneau attempts to break the sadness with a few tracks of upbeat rhythms and harmonies. He doesn’t try to make the entire album too light because he knows what got his fans to follow his music in the first place. He continues to bring his passionate falsetto voice with a soft backdrop of piano and bass.

When hearing this record the past week, the perfect setting to listen to El Radio is during a summer Barbecue at dusk. It’s a fun and entertaining album but if conversations among friends were to slow down, the sounds of Garneau’s latest album would definitely fill the gap.

Additionally, the incorporation of trumpets, drums, finger snapping, clapping, and even spoon playing was very pleasing . The use of the non-traditional instruments added more charm to this already innocent and playful record. Overall, El Radio is a solid second release, with room for added progression for Garneau’s third album but definitely surpassing his first. 

Songs of Interest:

– “Dirty Night Clowns”
– “Fireflies”
– “No More Pirates”
– “The Leaving Song”
– “Hands on the Radio”

Artist Fun Fact:
Chris Garneau collects lamp shades and often displays one on his piano during his concerts.

Album Rating:

  1. “The Leaving Song”
  2. “Dirty Night Clowns”
  3. “Raw and Awake”
  4. “Hands on the Radio”
  5. “No More Pirates”
  6. “Fireflies”
  7. “Hometown Girls”
  8. “Over and Over”
  9. “The Cats & Kids”

Untitled 04

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March 2007
Early Morning

Come back
We can’t do this without your presence
Parts of the world are flooded
We drown in your image
The unfinished life that was
That wasn’t
That’ll never be
Come back

Bird Prom

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I’m barely going to bed right now. It’s 6am and the birds are singing. I wish they’d be quiet so I can sleep. Unfortunately, they are as chatty as a group of high schoolers planning their prom. Imagine if the birds had a prom. I wonder which type of birds would be the King and Queen. My money is on the Blue Jay and Dove. I really hope they win because they have contributed so much with their love and understanding. It’s astonishing to me that there are actual creatures in the world that fly. I’m afraid that if I had that ability, I’d abuse it. I foresee myself flying as high as I could until the atmosphere ripped me apart and made me pass out.

Luckily, I can’t fly but only admire the special ones with wings. I honestly hope that the Blue Jay and the Dove earn the crown. Wouldn’t that be something!

Homosexual Mafia

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Rockstar Energy drinks were my go-to beverage when I was in need of an extra boost to get through the day. In April 2009, a posting on Bilerico.com accused Rockstar Energy Drink of having connections with right-wing radio host, Michael Savage. Savage is the father of Russell Weiner, the CEO of Rockstar. The article points out the family’s hateful and questionable political stances. For example, Weiner had asked before the start of a concert, “Who’s heterosexual and proud? If you’re not, hopefully you will be soon.” Savage lives up to his stage name and has attacked different groups but his aim seems to be homosexuals:

“You want me to tell you what makes me sick? When I see two puffy white males kissing each other, I want to puke. When I see two women kissing each other, on the lips, as lovers, I want to vomit.”

“When you hear “human rights,” think only one thing: someone who wants to rape your son. And you’ll get it just right. OK, you got it, right? When you hear “human rights,” think only someone who wants to molest your son, and send you to jail if you defend him. Write that down, make a note of it.”

“…children’s minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia, that’s my position. They’re raping our children’s minds.”

A boycott was put into place and since then, I haven’t had a single Rockstar. I even switched over to Monster but stopped shortly after since they taste unnatural. So I’m back to regular coffee which is good because I like my coffee like I like my men, without close-minded and unjust prejudice. However, Weiner has FINALLY has responded and put out a statement on behalf of the company:

“ROCKSTAR Energy Drink CEO Russell Weiner announced today that the beverage company will expand its LGBT corporate policies and make $100,000 in donations, shared among several prominent LGBT organizations. The donations represent a significant contribution given ROCKSTAR’s relatively small staff of 120 employees. The contribution will be shared among the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and The Trevor Project, and ROCKSTAR Energy Drink will also financially sponsor the National LGBT Bloggers Initiative. The donations and affirmation of LGBT-friendly corporate policies mark steps by ROCKSTAR to demonstrate support for the LGBT community.

“It has recently come to ROCKSTAR’s attention that there might be a misconception about our company’s policy and my personal support for LGBT rights,” said Weiner. “We apologize for that misunderstanding, and want to make clear today that our company fully supports our LGBT employees and our LGBT customers. Some have erroneously associated our company with offensive language directed at LGBT people, specifically statements coming from Michael Savage, who is not and has never been a shareholder or officer of ROCKSTAR Energy Drink. On behalf of our company and directors, including myself and CFO Janet Weiner, I would like to take this opportunity to disavow any offensive statements directed toward LGBT people, including statements from Michael Savage. ROCKSTAR assures our customers and the general public that our brand will never be associated with any language that does not affirm the essential dignity of every person in our diverse national community.”

The apology reads actual and legitimate which is really appreciated. Also, it’s very generous of the company to donate $100,000 to different LGBT causes but solving a problem with a huge gesture rarely solves the problem. It would have been more productive to do “damage control” once the blog entry was written back in April. Hopefully this experience will help Russell and the rest of his company to think critically about what integrity really means. As for me, I’ve shed a couple pounds from not drinking energy drinks so I think my Rockstar ban will continue or at least until the company is consistent with their public statement.

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March 2007
Early Morning

I’ll be loyal
I’ll never leave your side
I won’t be depressing
Sad, frustrating, hurtful
I want you to hold me
Never let go
I’ll never let go
I want your warm to melt my wall
Show me what happiness can be
Show me what love is