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Music Review – El Radio

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on July 14, 2009 by Arthur

This week’s music selection is Chris Garneau’s sophomore release album El Radio. Chris Garneau, originally from Boston, is a Brooklyn based musician. As an artist, Garneau has proficient skills when composing his mixture of folk and Baroque pop music, which are more prevalent in El Radio.

With his first album, Music for Tourists, the majority of songs were sullen sounding with his heavy piano keys. This time around, Garneau attempts to break the sadness with a few tracks of upbeat rhythms and harmonies. He doesn’t try to make the entire album too light because he knows what got his fans to follow his music in the first place. He continues to bring his passionate falsetto voice with a soft backdrop of piano and bass.

When hearing this record the past week, the perfect setting to listen to El Radio is during a summer Barbecue at dusk. It’s a fun and entertaining album but if conversations among friends were to slow down, the sounds of Garneau’s latest album would definitely fill the gap.

Additionally, the incorporation of trumpets, drums, finger snapping, clapping, and even spoon playing was very pleasing . The use of the non-traditional instruments added more charm to this already innocent and playful record. Overall, El Radio is a solid second release, with room for added progression for Garneau’s third album but definitely surpassing his first. 

Songs of Interest:

– “Dirty Night Clowns”
– “Fireflies”
– “No More Pirates”
– “The Leaving Song”
– “Hands on the Radio”

Artist Fun Fact:
Chris Garneau collects lamp shades and often displays one on his piano during his concerts.

Album Rating:

  1. “The Leaving Song”
  2. “Dirty Night Clowns”
  3. “Raw and Awake”
  4. “Hands on the Radio”
  5. “No More Pirates”
  6. “Fireflies”
  7. “Hometown Girls”
  8. “Over and Over”
  9. “The Cats & Kids”