Bird Prom

I’m barely going to bed right now. It’s 6am and the birds are singing. I wish they’d be quiet so I can sleep. Unfortunately, they are as chatty as a group of high schoolers planning their prom. Imagine if the birds had a prom. I wonder which type of birds would be the King and Queen. My money is on the Blue Jay and Dove. I really hope they win because they have contributed so much with their love and understanding. It’s astonishing to me that there are actual creatures in the world that fly. I’m afraid that if I had that ability, I’d abuse it. I foresee myself flying as high as I could until the atmosphere ripped me apart and made me pass out.

Luckily, I can’t fly but only admire the special ones with wings. I honestly hope that the Blue Jay and the Dove earn the crown. Wouldn’t that be something!


One Response to “Bird Prom”

  1. viridiana Says:

    and what becomes of the Scrub Jay who’s feathers are not as Blue or who’s song is not as melodic as his cousin the Blue Jay.

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