Champion of the Republican Party

Meghan McCain, daughter of ex-presidential hopeful, John McCain, was on “Real Time with Bill Maher” recently and it got to me thinking. I write a lot about my observations and the media. I’m hoping that I’m not overextending myself by writing about these topics. I speak to only a few people about how I feel and see the world so this blog is to massively express it. The reason I mention McCain is because she is around my age (25 in October) and has her own blog (McCainBlogette [don’t get me started on that header image]) that contains (some) political content. When I saw her appearance I had an open mind and gave her a fair shot. I’ve never heard her speak so I was sort of interested in what she had to say, being young as well as having political roots. This is what she had to say:

It saddens me that someone who graduated from Columbia University and whose father is embedded in the U.S. Government is so dense. The fact that she is going around different media outlets as a champion of the Republican Party yet has no idea of the history of it, makes her seem foolish. It’s either that or her childlike remarks of “you clearly know everything”, “I’m the only Republican sitting here”, or “I wasn’t born yet so I don’t know”. Yes, it was entertaining to hear Paul Begala “put here in her place” nevertheless and on a serious note,  if McCain is going to be on televised debates she has to know the material. There’s no arguing that. If people come to you and want your two cents, you better hope those coins aren’t made of chocolate. Other than that, there is total support for her statement about needing someone to fill the gap between all parties. In a time of recession and war, we need a person who can bring us together and solidify the United States. But honestly, does it have to be a 24 year old woman whose signature is decorated with a heart?


2 Responses to “Champion of the Republican Party”

  1. Viridiana Says:

    Amazing, I don’t understand why people think that women are weak feeble minded idiots who’s sole purpose in life is to have children and be the eye candy on the arm of their father’s and husband’s. Thank-you Meghan for giving REPUBLICAN women a voice and showing us that when you are challenged, educated and thought out responses are not how you should represent yourself rather throwing a tantrum and responding like a 13 year old who is going through her first menstrual cycle……I hope this article gives people some incentive to educate themselves before deciding to stand in the face of their opposition.

  2. Timothy Says:

    Wow, how ridiculous is this girl!? Hilarious, all Bill could do was say “Riiiiight…”.

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