More Than Just a Piece of Meat

The other day, I was eating lunch in our employee dining area when I heard a familiar song playing on the television. I don’t really care for what passes as television today so I never really watch much of it. However, people at my work watch it intently to get away from stress, though truth be told, they look like zombies with their mouths ajar.  I looked up to see what program was playing a song that I actually enjoy on the tube. To my horror and disgust, this is what was shown on the illuminated screen:


The song (“The Moneymaker”) is by a band called Rilo Kiley and is from their fifth album entitled Under the Blacklight. For a split second, I was angry that the band, which I love, gave the greenlight for Carl’s Jr to use this song. Then I thought about what essentially this song and album are about. Under the Blacklight tells multiple stories of different characters who would do anything for fame. This song, in particular, speaks about people who get paid for sex, whether in the form of prostitution, exotic dancing, or pornography. Unfortunately, I don’t think Carl’s Jr. knew that; however, ironically, chose the best song to fully describe Audrina “Top-Rated Bikini Body” Patridge and their continuous chauvinistic commercials.


2 Responses to “More Than Just a Piece of Meat”

  1. I don’t think anyone wants to see someone in skimpy clothing who actually eats that crap.

  2. I like your take on the use of the Rilo Kiley song – kinda brings the empowerment back and calls it what it is….

    I linked to ya, by the way.

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