Easy to Swallow Pill

There once was a boy with very dark brown hair and over-sized black wayfarers. This boy was 25 years young and stood a decent five foot seven inches tall. He wasn’t very ordinary in respect to his thoughts and actions. In fact, many people were offended and appalled by what he said or did. In his mind, his knowledge of society’s sensitive spots were there to exploit. To live life and not laugh at its tragedies is a tragedy in itself.

It is said that this boy’s mission was to add buoyancy to such heavy topics and point out their inconsistencies. A lot of people looked at the young man, and scoffed, even wrote him off. But he was content in knowing his jokes and comments were valid. This wasn’t for sheer shock value or to get a cheap laugh, it was observations in an [not so] easy to swallow pill.

The child made sure to surround himself with a gamut of individuals to form his social circles. From children to the elderly as well as honest, hard working people to the leeches of society. His friends, his enemies, and those in between have given this boy perspective. It was a perspective like no one else’s and needed to be documented. So one day, the boy decided to start a blog.


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